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Amar was World Producer at and Managing Editor of the Global Public Square, CNN's premier international analysis site. In addition to editing, interviewing and writing international analysis pieces, Amar managed social media efforts for the site and launched “Uncommon Ground,” a web-based show placing unlikely pairings of people from around the world in virtual conversation.  

Bahram Salih, Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan on Iraq's future

Melanne Verveer, U.S. Ambassador for Women’s Issues on contraception abroad

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Nathan Mhyrvold, famed inventor on how to make the perfect French fry

Syrian rebels, on life on the ground

Elon Musk, Space-X founder on 3 interventions that will change the world

Stephen Bosworth, Special Representative for North Korea  on the Hermit Kingdom's new leader

Occupy Wall Stree,  leader on the future of the movement 

Sheldon Garo , economist on why America spends while the world saves

Bjorn Lomborg, on global warming



CNN Text Interviews

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former U.S. National Security Advisor, on the future of the Middle East

Michael Spence, Economist and Nobel Laureate, on a 'Great Convergence

Anne-Marie Slaughter, Scholar, on why the United Nations should issue death warrants

Francis Fukuyama, Scholar, on why Americans take government for granted

Shashi Tharoor, Indian Parliamentarian, on why India opposes intervening in Libya

Doug Feith, Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, on Obama's America

Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian leader, on Palestinian statehood bid

Evan Thomas, Author, on whether terrorism is inevitable

James Dobbins, Ambassador, on President Obama's Afghanistan decision

Stephen Biddle, Scholar, on negotiating with the Taliban

Ahmed Rashid, Journalist, on Pakistani conspiracy theories

Bruce Riedel, Scholar, on killing Osama bin Laden

Joshua Landis, Scholar, on intervening in Syria

John McLaughlin, Former Acting Director of the CIA, on the Agency's role in the new Middle East

Sebastian Mallaby, Economist, on the consequences of a U.S. government shutdown

Tom Malinowski, Washington Director of Human Rights Watch, on stopping a massacre in Benghaz

Chas Freeman, Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, on why Arab leaders are angry at the U.S. 

Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya Deputy U.N. Ambassador, on Gadhafi's untrustworthy "ceasefire" offer

Elliott Abrams, Former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor, on moving slow in Libya  

Zalmay Khalilzad, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Afghanistan, on Hamid Karzai


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