Table of Contents: Promoting Culture to Repress Dissent

Table of Contents



I. Methodology & Evidence

Chapter One: A Brief History of State Media Control

I.         Country Basics

II.        Rhodesian Media: 1930-1979

III.       Media After Independence: 1980-2000

IV.      Jonathan Moyo’s Entrance

Chapter Two: The Information Ministry Under Jonathan Moyo

I.         Failed State Messages

II.        Defining a New Enemy

III.       Media Legislation

IV.      Moving from Criticism to Critique

V.       Moving from Expression to Surveillance

Chapter Three: The Jingle Campaign

I.          First Batch: Utopia with Contestable Content

II.        Second Batch: Exhortations with Multiple Interpretations

III.       Third Batch: Provocations and an Outcry

IV.      Moyo Moves On



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